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Information Centers

Public Distribution Service in Quebec Canada

Quebec Information Center

Distribution Service

NEW ENGLAND TOURISM CENTER is pleased to now be able to provide distribution of literature just outside of the US border crossing. Our staff will visit the centers regularly and will provide training to the centers staff on participating members and ensure stock is maintained at each center, as well as handle all shipping and logistics requirements from our warehouse to the centers.

Quebec Information Center

  • The Quebec Information Center is located quarter mile from Canada/US Border Exit 1 off Highway 15
  • Is an opportunity to have exposure in a center that attracts US/Canadian visitors
  • Information Centre houses a full service restaurant and a small adjoining Auberge as well as currency exchange, gift shop and WIFI service
  • All brochures will be placed in display racks by region
  • English brochures are welcome
  • Expected Annual Visitations: 30 000
  • Brochures (2,000 pcs) are to be shipped directly to our office:


  • Includes storage of brochures in our warehouse
  • All transport from our warehouse to the center
  • Distribution service for a 1 YEAR TERM