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Inquiry Fulfillment Program

Canadian Travel Trade and General Consumer Inquires

This is an effective marketing program that is designed to continually increase

our client’s exposure throughout Canada.

Unlimited Brochure Requests that are GENERATED BY OUR ADVERTISING EFFORTS

This program has been in effect since September 1995 and originally was only open to State and Tourist Offices. Due to the programs continuing success, it has expanded to include any New England enterprise who wishes to have their brochures distributed throughout Canada.

How the Program Works:

The inquiries are solely generated by our advertising efforts. New England Tourism Center employs the following efforts to generate inquiries for free distribution of New England brochures:

  • Ads in trade publications (English & French)
  • Listing in the Personnel Guide to Canada’s Travel Industry - Bi-yearly editions
  • Listing in the Discover America Canada website
  • Various newspaper articles on New England featuring our address and phone number
  • Link on our New England web site

By subscribing to this program you will have an unlimited number of brochures distributed to interested parties. In all of our advertisements we include our toll free number, which has proven successful as we are continually receiving a greater number of calls.

We receive calls and faxes and emails on a daily basis requesting information and the information package is sent out the following day, via first class mail or express mail if required (trade requests only).

Our Past Results:

Over the period of 2019, we processed in excess of 2,890 inquiries to the following groups:

  • Travel Industry Inquiries including CAA
  • Media Personnel Inquiries
  • Consumer Inquiries
  • Walk-ins, Agency, Specific Ad referrals