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Sales Mission

Customized Sales Mission


New England Tourism Center will organize and confirm scheduled appointments with targeted and pre qualified agencies and/or tour operators, as per your requests. Cities can include: Montreal, Quebec City, Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto, St. Catharine's and Niagara. These agencies will be selected from within our current database using those we feel most appropriate for your establishment and marketing needs. One city per day can be done, but multiple days can be offered per city (i.e.: 2 days in Mtl and 1 day in Ottawa, 1 in Kingston, etc.)

We offer 1, 2, 3 and 4 day multi day appointments and routes can be modified according to our clients' needs and budget. Each day includes 5-7 agencies, depending on size, date and city.

Meal options are also available where you can have an additional stop scheduled as a lunch visit. In this case, a catered lunch will be brought in for all agents and your visit will be done over the lunch period, usually covering many staff at once. This is usually done in the larger offices and sometimes offered as 2 separate sessions when very large offices (over 100+ staff) are involved. We have several caterers we use, depending on your budget, meal selection and size of group. All food/beverage/supplies is billed separately to you and will be discussed prior to booking. If no outside meal is to be brought in, we will leave a space open for your representative to have a lunch break.

  • Price per day: TBA fee to NETC to schedule visits (+ lunch if selected)



This option includes having a bilingual staff available each day you select to accompany your representative(s) to all appointments. She/he will wait in vehicle while you make your presentations and assist you whenever possible. She/he can also serve as a bilingual facilitator. This alleviates unnecessary and costly parking fees, gas, car expenses, taxis, meters and wait times and allows you more time with your potential clients and a much more relaxed environment. Transportation is done in clean, comfortable vehicles and includes pick up and drop off to your hotel or location of your choice. There will be plenty of space to transport your materials, giveaways and any promotional items you may have.

  • Price per day: TBA price is in addition to the scheduling of the agency visit fee we charge.

**This fee is slightly higher for Toronto, ON drivers but is not always necessary when agencies and appointments are very close together.



This is a service we offer, in the event that you want direct agency visits but are not able to do all cities, visits or parts of your plan yourself. We will send one of our qualified and knowledgeable staff to represent you on your behalf. This option however, must include a "pre" meeting communication, either via phone, email, conference and personal visit to educate and update our staff on your establishment. All reports and leads are sent to you upon completion of the visits, so you can ensure prompt follow up and receive feedback from each visit.

  • Price per day:TBA price is in addition to the scheduling of the agency visit fee we charge



Some of our clients engage our personnel to do these agency visits on their behalf and sometimes they will do part of the tour and we do part. If any travel is required out of our office area, traveling expenses will incur and once we establish your target regions, we can provide you with accurate quotes on travel related expenses.

  • Price per day: TBA* this price is in addition to the scheduling of the agency visit fee we charge



We do offer other services that can often enhance these customized sales trips to Canada such as:

  • French translation of documents
  • Brokering / shipping / warehousing of your materials & promotional items
  • Catering and/or snack requirements